Our dietitian and nutritional expert at SMMC is here to recommend the best food choices to aid in your overall health and wellness. Our registered dietitian will work with you to develop an individualized nutritional plan and provide the knowledge you need to achieve your health goals. As a Registered Dietitian, she also knows that many times health issues are not strictly about food, but also about environment and lifestyle – and she will help you look at those factors.

Kristen is specially trained in the benefits of nutrition to support your body function and health. If you have certain health conditions or allergies, she will provide guidance and education on how to make healthy changes and lifestyle choices to best support your medical needs and improve your health.

Kristen uses evidenced based Medical Nutrition Therapy to address many of the health issues you may be facing. She is also part of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She therefore uses an integrated and much more personalized approach to nutrition, health, and healing. This can help her analyze some of the issues you are facing in a new and more comprehensive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dietetic services covered by insurance?

Many plans now cover dietetic services. In addition, the new Health Insurance Law, specifically the Health Insurance (Amendment) Regulations, 2012, state that doctor referred Dietetic appointments can qualify under Wellness Benefits at 80%. Check with your individual insurance carrier to inquire about specific coverage and benefit information.

What type of services do registered dietitians provide?

Registered dietitians provide individualized nutritional counseling in a variety of areas. Topics include (but are not limited to): Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes; High Cholesterol; Hypertension; Food Allergies & Intolerances; Weight Issues; Sports Nutrition.

What can I expect from the appointment?

You will meet with the Clinic’s dietitian, Kristen, who will assess your history, current nutritional status and specific goals. A personalized plan will be given which fits your lifestyle and which incorporates evidenced based nutrition research as well as more integrative methods. A plan for monitoring and evaluating your progress will also be defined.

At the appointment you will receive Kristen’s contact details and be encouraged to write or call with any questions you have. Making lifestyle changes is not easy, but she will assist and encourage you every step of the way.

What is the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist?

Registered dietitians are regulated health professionals and are your most credible source of nutrition information. They are food and nutrition experts who have fulfilled specific requirements including:

  • Obtained at least a Bachelor’s Degree with course work in areas such as food and nutrition sciences, food service systems management, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and chemistry.
  • Completed an accredited and supervised practice program of at least 900 hours.
  • Complete continuing professional educational requirements to maintain registration.

The term “dietitian” is protected by law to ensure that education, practice and ethical standards are achieved and maintained. Alternatively, the term “nutritionist” is not protected by law which means that anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist.

Can I get a meal plan from the dietitian?

Meal plans generally do not work and can be difficult to follow. Due to unexpected events, general life and food preferences, even when the person says they want a plan, many times they will not follow it. Kristen also knows that each person can react differently to foods and therefore a general template is not personalized enough and can do more harm than good.

However, general meal ideas can work. The person incorporates foods they like and that work for their goals, while following some basic meal guidelines.

However, if someone does want a very detailed meal plan, an excess charge will be discussed and applied.

How long are the appointments?

The initial appointment lasts 50-60 minutes.

Follow ups are 25-30 minutes.

I am running late - is that ok?

If you are running late, your appointment will be shortened in order to keep the rest of the day on schedule.

If you are very late, please call the office and reschedule. There is a lot of information to be covered during the appointments and reducing any of that time makes the education piece too short to be valuable.

I'm healthy - why should I see a Registered Dietitian?

Kristen can help you look at your food choices and your lifestyle and assess where positive changes can possibly be made. Or perhaps you want to work towards a future sports goal or are starting to think about expanding your family – these are items that she can also give guidance on.

In addition, nutritional science is continuing to change – and while this is very exciting, it is also extremely confusing. Due to all of the headlines (many of which are not true), health and nutrition are always being discussed – as a Dietitian, Kristen can help separate fact from fiction.