Seven Mile Medical Clinic loves empowered patients!  Patients that take their health and well being serious and take greater control over their health decisions have been shown to have better health outcomes. However, it does matter where information comes from.  There are many websites that are not research based nor have any proper medical doctors or practitioners on staff.  In fact, many websites are written by general authors with no medical training.


Seven Mile Medical Clinic recommends the following websites to obtain reputable medical information:

Here are a few tips for general proper internet searching in regards to health items:

  • Do not search the entire internet – you will be linked to popular sites which does not always mean the most reputable sites.
  • Look at who authored the articles/studies.
  • How current is the information provided?
  • What credentials does the author have?
  • If the website is promoting a product it is probably not a reputable site.